Delmarva Power C&I Energy Savings Program

Turn-key RCx Services for Delmarva Power Clients

logoDelmarvaPowerGlobal Facility Solutions is pre-qualified as an Enhanced Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning Trade Ally under the Delmarva Power C&I Energy Savings Program to provide turn-key retro-commissioning services for Delmarva Power clients that can help you obtain cash incentives per building.

What programs are available?

The Delmarva Power C&I (Commercial and Industrial) Energy Savings Program for Maryland customers is designed to promote and encourage energy efficiency projects, large and small. From changing out light fixtures to replacing major mechanical equipment, the Program provides cash incentives that reduce the initial cost of energy efficiency projects. These equipment and system upgrades improve your efficiencies, lower lifetime operating costs, and reduce your business’s impact on the environment.

Energy Saving Solutions for Existing Buildings

Existing Buildings are eligible for a number of retrofit upgrade and new control options. From a broad list of pre-qualified “standard” measures or custom incentives for more complex, creative projects, we can help improve your efficiencies. Learn more about Energy Savings Solutions for Existing Buildings

Energy Saving Solutions for New Construction & Major Renovation Projects

All New Construction / Major Renovation projects are eligible for cash incentives for a broad list of pre-qualified prescriptive measures, or custom measures which exceed the Maryland State Energy Code efficiency requirements.

What are the benefits?

Through the Energy Savings Program, GFS can help you:

  • reduce the initial cost of upgrading to energy efficient equipment and systems
  • improve efficiencies and reduce your long term electric energy cost and operating expenses
  • create a win-win scenario for your business and the environment

To learn if this program is right for you, contact us today.