Arc Flash Risk Assessment

Protect Your Employees, Your Equipment and Your Assets

OSHA standards recommend that employers protect employees from the dangers of arc flash.
Global Facility Solutions can help.

Our Arc Flash Risk Assessment provides a complete study and analysis of your electrical systems and equipment along with the installation of Arc Flash Hazard Warning Labels to meet the requirement per NFPA 70E.


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The GFS Arc Flash Risk Assessment

If you have not yet had your commercial equipment evaluated for NFPA 70E compliance, it is time to schedule an Assessment. GFS will perform the electrical engineering services necessary including a site visit, data collection from the utility, modeling of your power system, a short circuit study analysis, protective device coordination, and arc flash calculations. We will also prepare a final report stamped by our registered P.E. and install arc flash hazard warning labels on your equipment such as switch gears, distribution panels, motor control centers, disconnects and meter centers.
GFS Arc Flash Risk Assessment

To learn more, contact GFS to schedule your Arc Flash Study today.