Infrared Thermal Imaging

Global Facility Solutions utilizes infrared thermal scanning technology to identify areas of heat loss or air infiltration within commercial, industrial, educational and municipal facilities. The building envelope (walls, windows, doors and roof) may be a large source of energy waste within your facilities. Utilizing infrared thermal imaging will easily help identify areas of concern that can be corrected to reduce energy losses.

Infiltration (Air Leaks)

air leaks around doorThermal image air leaks around door

Cold air can infiltrate a building through the edges of doors and windows. Even when daylight is not visible around the edge of the door, cold air may be entering the building and increasing heating costs. Thermal imaging such as this can be used to verify the soundness of existing windows and doors.

Thermal scanners and infrared digital cameras are some of the most versatile tools that can be used during an energy audit. The infrared imaging they produce assists in:

  • Identifying areas of missing or wet insulation above ceilings or within walls
  • Locating and documenting air leaks through the exterior envelope of the building
  • Detecting deficiencies in the thermal boundary, insulation, thermal breaks, etc.
  • Verify operating temperatures of mechanical HVAC components such as motors and drive systems.


Missing Insulation

ceiling fanThermal Image of Ceiling Fan
The picture on the left does not provide any indication of an issue with the thermal barrier above the ceiling of this elementary school classroom. However, the thermal image on the right clearly shows an area where the insulating factor is greatly reduced. This increases energy costs while causing cold drafts and comfort issues.

Stop throwing utility dollars out the window!
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