Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS) Benchmarking

Global Facility Solutions can assist building owners and operators as they navigate new energy benchmarking requirements. Whether you are beginning the benchmarking process or trying to understand the compliance cycle, GFS can help.

Our Sustainability Program team members can inform building owners and operators on how to meet reporting requirements and advise on how to choose a compliance pathway, if need be. GFS regularly assists building owners and operators with submitting usage reports in ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager. If a property’s ENERGY STAR score does not meet the performance metrics, our team can explain the compliance cycle pathways and offer recommendations on how to proceed.

GFS offers services such as energy audits, capital planning, identification of energy conservation measures, and monitoring and verification of energy data reports to achieve compliance. We’ll help you to get the process started with a review of your ENERGY STAR profile to establish what options are available for you to achieve or exceed BEPS compliance. Contact GFS to schedule an energy efficiency review.

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Did You Know?

With the passage of the Clean Energy DC Omnibus Act of 2018, the newly created Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS) requires all buildings located in the District of Columbia with more than 25,000 sq. ft. to track their energy and water usage and to submit annual reports to the DC Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE). DC building owners have until April 1, 2023, to select a pathway for the compliance cycle.