Osler Medical Center

BGE Custom Rebate

Osler Medical Center, Towson, MD; BGE Custom Rebates

Osler Medical Center, Towson, MD

Technical Services Study, Osler Medical Center Weatherization

Under the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program®,Global Facility Solutions (GFS) completed a Technical Services Study at Osler Medical’s nearly 58,000 square-foot facility located in Towson, MD. GFS assisted Osler Medical in obtaining a $35,000 BGE custom rebate to help pay for building envelope upgrades.

A Building Performance Audit was completed at the Center. GFS performed an on-site analysis of the existing systems, completed direct field measurement of operations, and interviewed site personnel. The analysis of the facility was completed in partnership with TerraLogos Energy Group located in Baltimore, MD. TerraLogos provided the initial analysis and envelope upgrades for the project.

Scope of work:

  • building performance audit, including energy analysis and building simulation model under the requirements of the BGE rebate program using Trane Trace 700.
  • technical services study, including proposal of upgrades to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency of building. Completion of all BGE paperwork and applications.

The building performance audit:

Air leaks were identified by TerraLogos and found using diagnostic equipment such as:

  • thermal imaging
  • blower door analysis
  • temperature scanning

Weatherization upgrades were proposed to balance and improve system opteration.

Assessment results:

As a result of the assessment, TerraLogos Energy Group proposed $70,000 worth of upgrades and repairs to correct deficiencies and create a more balanced and energy-efficient facility.

Project savings:

$35,000 in rebates from BGE

Upon implementation, Osler Medical will be eligible for $35,000 in rebates from the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program® — approximately 50% of the total project implementation cost.

$20,000 in energy savings per year

Based on engineering estimates, implementation of the weatherization measure will save Osler Medical nearly $20,000 in energy savings*. It will also reduce energy usage by nearly 148,000 kWh per year.

*simple payback of 3.6 years

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