Global Facility Solutions Continues To Provide Essential Services During COVID-19

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Providing Building Energy and Engineering Expertise

As an essential business, Global Facility Solutions continues to work for our clients providing vital building energy and engineering services during COVID-19 closures. Our engineering firm is considered essential to continue the support of infrastructure upgrades and commercial building operations in the government, Dept. of Defense, medical and critical manufacturing business sectors.

Advising on “Sleep Mode” and “Restart” Strategies

Many of our clients have asked for our assistance with placing their buildings safely into “sleep mode,” while they are unoccupied for long periods of time. “Sleep mode” provides energy-savings by turning off or dialing back unnecessary building components. From turning off lighting, computers and monitors to adjusting temperature levels, cycling off air handlers, and shutting down elevators and escalators, small changes can lead to big savings.

Looking to the future, we can also help to establish an optimal “restart” plan to restore buildings once we move beyond where we are as a nation today. As society reopens, buildings will need to “wake up” from “sleep mode.” We can help to power up your facility, review and adjust maintenance plans, and program HVAC equipment based on new projections for occupancy and operating hours.

Offering Tailored Solutions for an Ever-Changing World

As our team learns how to “Zoom” and stays on top of social distancing best practices, we continue to provide energy and engineering solutions to our clients.

Let us know how we can help you.