GFS Intern Applies Classroom Learning on Sustainability to the Built Environment

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Intern Lexi Wittstadt on a site visit.Intern Lexi Wittstadt is spending her third summer working at Global Facility Solutions. A rising sophomore, Lexi studies Bioengineering at the University of Maryland, where she is in the College Park Scholars Program.

As a student in the Environment, Technology and Economy program, she’s working on her practicum by applying what she’s learned about the complex issue of global sustainability to the built environment.

“My work with the Energy Star program and commissioning buildings to be more efficient is a good example of practicing sustainability in the real world,” said Lexi.

Missy Sites and Lexi Wittstadt_cropOne of her tasks has been to prepare buildings for Energy Star certification. Recommendations to use less natural gas or install occupancy sensors can help facility managers to reduce energy usage and secure a better Energy Star score.

In working with commissioning new buildings, she has examined how installing more efficient air handling units and changing the schedules of building systems can reduce a facility’s carbon footprint.

Looking at the big picture, Lexi believes that it’s important to make changes now to help create a sustainable future.

“There’s a lot more work to be done,” she said. “The measures do have great long-term results. Convincing decision-makers to make changes can be challenging.”