Boiler Plant Decentralization at Ft. Detrick Army Installation

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Ft. Detrick triple boilersGlobal Facility Solutions, working under the prime UESC energy contractor, WGL Energy, performed a Boiler Plant Decentralization project at the Ft. Detrick Army Installation located in Frederick, Maryland. The goal of the project was to reduce annual energy costs by shutting down the older central steam plant. This objective was achieved by decentralizing facilities receiving steam heating from the central plant and installing separate higher efficiency heating systems located directly in the buildings they serve.

The installation of the new boiler systems reduced energy usage at the army post, and based on engineering estimates, will provide energy savings of over $1.3 million per year.

GFS provided Project Development; Engineering Design including MEP, Architectural, Structural and Civil; Construction Administration Services; Commissioning and M&V Savings Analysis to WGL Energy (prime contractor).


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