2018 Energy Star® Score Updates

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2018 Updates to Energy Star Building Metrics

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In August 2018, the EPA updated performance metrics for U.S. buildings in the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® based on the most recent market data available. If you benchmark one or more properties in Portfolio Manager, your buildings’ 1–100 ENERGY STAR scores and other source energy metrics were updated across all time periods to reflect the latest performance metrics. This update was part of EPA’s standard process to keep ENERGY STAR metrics as current as possible, and reflective of current market performance.

How did this impact ENERGY STAR scores?

The 1-100 ENERGY STAR score compares your building’s energy performance to that of similar buildings nationwide. Because the ENERGY STAR score is a comparison with the national building stock, and the national building stock has improved in efficiency over the past decade, the average ENERGY STAR score for most building types will have gone down after the model updates.

What other changes were part of the update?

A new option for data center estimates was added for estimated energy in smaller data centers. A new national source energy factor was added to help level the playing field for different fuel types.

Which property types were affected?

The 1-100 ENERGY STAR score models were updated for bank branches, courthouses, financial offices, hotels, houses of worship K-12 schools, offices, retail, supermarkets and warehouses.

How Can Global Facilities Solutions Help?

Global Facility Solutions (GFS) offers a host of services that are focused on reducing energy consumption within commercial buildings. GFS can help your Energy Star® score by providing:

Download the Energy Star Score Updates Fact Sheet to learn more.