Global Facility Solutions Celebrates 15th Anniversary

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Fifteen years ago, Global Facility Solutions was founded to provide objective energy and facility solutions to the commercial, industrial and government marketplaces. Today, we continue to make tailored recommendations to optimize facility performance and reduce operating costs.

When President and CEO Robert K. Calloway established Global Facility Solutions in 2006, he sought to provide clients with unbiased solutions to issues concerning their buildings. Mr. Calloway has grown GFS from a one-person business to a multi-employee firm serving Fortune 500 companies and Federal and State Government agencies nationwide. Working with facilities spanning from coast-to-coast and from the shores of Aruba to Hawaii, the company has continued to grow and advance energy solutions for our clients through it all.

We have evolved alongside technological advances, enhanced industry standards, and best practices to develop and implement customized energy and facility management programs. GFS continues to deliver energy and engineering services, commissioning and award-winning retro-commissioning services, and engineering design services. Our ever-growing sustainability program assists commercial clients in the Mid-Atlantic region and across the country in implementing energy efficiency measures, adopting sustainability programs such as ENERGY STAR and LEED, and adhering to government benchmarking requirements.

We are grateful for all of our clients, business partners and certainly our GFS employees who have been part of this journey over the past 15 years. We look forward to sustaining those relationships and developing new partnerships in the years to come.